Come on, Dexter, pick up the pace

I’d like a little less of this…

Dear, patient readers – has it really been 12 days since my last post? Where did the time go? Possibly to fall festivities, a few movies, a steady streak of going to the gym, dinners with my charming husband and a seriously busy week at work. So here’s a long overdue post-Sunday night post.

I didn’t have time to watch Boardwalk Empire yesterday, but I did tune in for Dexter (a reversal of my pledge to start watch Boardwalk Empire during the Sunday 9 p.m. time slot).

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s been a slow start this year for Dexter. Not a lot of killing going on (unless you count the case that Deb’s working on). And since that’s the major draw of this show, it’s struggled to captivate.

Last week’s, and this week’s installments have been better. The introduction of Julia Stiles, while uncharacteristically sloppy for the meticulous Dexter Morgan, has added some intrigue to the show, which was starting to feel like a rated R version of Daddy Daycare. Also, I am enjoying Dexter’s obvious dislike of Quinn, and Deb’s newfound self-assurance. As of late, her relationship with Quinn has been rather humorous as well.

…And a little more of this, please.

While I appreciate a good, long story arc, what needs to happen next is more one-off kills from Dexter. At the beginning of the series, he killed a killer almost every week (even as the longer plots, such as the ice truck killer and Dexter’s biological family, took place). This season, Dexter had one random, rage-fueled kill in a rest stop bathroom, and the murder of Boyd last week. Five episodes into the fifth season, fans of this show expect more. Sure, it was bad what happened to Rita, and it’s tough being a single dad, but a little multi-tasking is in order. Particularly now that super-nanny (who is clearly not all that she seems) is on board, there should be more time for Dexter’s extracurricular activities.

Mea culpa and fall TV

Fringe is back for another great season, along with a host of other shows.

It’s been a long time, and I have to apologize for my absence from Remotely Entertaining. With a full lineup of fall TV, a tidal wave of work and more than a few social calls, it’s been tough to find time to write in the last couple weeks. Kudos to my co-blogger, Mark, for keeping things fresh.

Wow! What a fall lineup we have. Here’s what I’m loving:

  • Fringe – Every season seems better than the last. Last week’s premiere delved into Olivia’s predicament on the other side, and set the stage for another very interesting season. In interviews, I’ve heard the show’s writers say that they intend to fully develop the alternate characters, rather than simply setting them up as ne’er do well dopplegangers. Next week, I’m hoping for a good monster of the week, as this show does mythology and one-off episodes equally good.
  • 30 Rock – You’re my pube shirt. Enough said.
  • Boardwalk Empire – We all knew this would be great, and guess what? It is. From the excellent cast (particularly Steve Buscemi) to the directing and writing to the costumes and sets, this show is nothing short of enthralling. It’s no surprise that after one episode, it was picked up for a second season.
  • Dexter – To be sure, it was a depressing first hour of Dexter on Sunday. With Rita gone, Dexter is definitely off his game. Deb is trying to pick up the pieces whilst sleeping with Quinn (who is quite nice, I might add), and the kids are a wreck. From week to week, I can never predict where this show is going, but I’m on the edge of my seat the entire time I’m watching.
  • Vampire Diaries – This show hit the ground running, and the twist of Caroline becoming a vampire is a great one. Also, I love that Damon continues to be a bad guy and I was genuinely shocked when he snapped Jeremy’s neck in episode one. The werewolf element is also promising, and the show has a unique mythology related to its supernatural elements.

Like I said, there’s lot to watch right now. I also have a few new and returning shows that I’m not loving as much, but I’ll save that commentary for another post.